Erica Eyres
Disfigured at Glasgow's CCA.

Erica Eyres is interested in the conflicting emotions of people faced with overwhelming situations. Which is something the visitor experiences pretty quickly on entering the exhibition: a recumbent white female figure, lounging on a green leather sofa, gazes at us. Her stiff pose and unnatural form is funny, awkward, almost corpse-like.

A series of female portraits in the adjacent room are, as with the sculpture, based on photographs, some from fitness or men's magazines, alongside promotional shots of children and actresses. In these, the peculiar distortion of working from flat images is pushed, the portraits appearing disfigured and absurd.

Destiny Green is an invented documentary about a child star who decides to have her face surgically removed. All characters are played by Eyres, her appearance manipulated with wigs, teeth and make-up. But what should be uncomfortably goofy becomes an imagined fantasy, at once highly disturbing and hilarious.

Shireen Taylor 17 August 06

Erica Eyres - I Love You But I Hate You is at CCA, Glasgow, until 16 September 06.